Frequently asked questions

Is tutoring right for me?
Yes! Every student can benefit from private tutoring. Tutoring is especially helpful for students who:

  • have busy schedules
  • need one-on-one help
  • have high-reaching goals
  • learn in a unique way
  • have test anxiety
  • are easily distracted
Is tutoring worth the investment?
Absolutely. Tutoring may be what your child needs to make the cut-off grade for their dream career/studies. It may prevent failing or having to retake courses. It truly is one of the most worthwhile investments.
Do you also carry out one to one tuition?

Yes, whilst the majority of our sessions are small groups, we also offer a more focused 1-1 service based on teacher’s availability. Slots are limited, please reach out for further details.

How does online small group tutoring work? Is it as effective as in-person tutoring?
The one-on-one tutoring sessions occur via Zoom. Through screen-sharing, an interactive whiteboard, chat, video, and audio, the student and tutor are able to work together in real-time. Students simply need a computer with a microphone and an internet connection. With the proper experience and training, online tutoring is just as effective as in-person tutoring with added flexibility.
Do you offer a free trial?
Yes! For any new client your first introductory 45-50 minute session is free. This allows a period of assessment for both tutor and student after which a suitable course of sessions can be agreed.
How much are the weekly sessions?

£15 per group session (45-50 mins)
£40-£60 per hour for private tuition sessions tailored for your child 

We operate our yearly calendar into 6 terms. The sessions are paid for in advance each term. Each class includes the “live session link” to recap on any misconceptions, these session links are also useful for revision.

When do you make payment for booking?
Payment should be made 2 weeks before the term commences. The session is not considered booked until payment is received on our booking system Class4Kids. Spaces are limited and are often fully booked. If you wish to cancel we ask for just one weeks’ notice.
What is your client satisfaction policy?
When a client has prepaid for a term of tuition, and a client is not satisfied with the tutoring offered, then Maths Tutor Direct will refund the balance of the course fees paid by the client representing the number of pre-paid sessions for which the client does not receive tuition with just one weeks’ notice.
Can we purchase live links of individual topics?
Yes! We have some students who cannot attend live sessions due to time clashes or if the class is fully booked. in this instance we offer discounted rates for live class links, this allows students the flexibility to catch up on content in their own time. We offer bespoke packages to suit our student’s needs. These packages are particularly popular nearing exam times!
How long is the length of the maths tutorial?
Typically, our small group sessions are 45-50 minutes long & any 1-1 sessions are 1 hour.
Is tutoring a substitute for school work or homework?
No! Tutoring with anyone in any subject should be an addition to supplement a students schoolwork. The combination of classwork, homework and tutoring is the correct formula for success.
Maths Tutor Direct cannot be held responsible or made liable for any target grades not met by the student in any examination undertaken.