Holiday workshops

“Get ahead in Maths and stay ahead”
Our engaging & inspiring online tutors bring learning maths to life, mentoring each student to overcome challenges & reach new levels of potential. Research has shown that it is important to take times of rest, but prolonged inactivity of the brain from curriculum-based subjects can increase the chances of regression. The notion of these holiday sessions is simply to "keep the brain active" and "prevent regression" for the return back to those vital terms left at school.

The Easter camps/ Exam prep courses are specifically designed to support students with upcoming GCSE exams as well as Mocks.

Easter Camps

GCSE Maths Easter Predicted Exam Preparation

SAT support sessions

Are you looking for additional Year 6 SATs support over Easter before your child sits their KS2 SATs in May?

Then this 4 day course could be for you!

Across 4 days your child will learn many key concepts, practical skills and tips and tricks to ensure they feel ready to shine in their SATs exams. Covering Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar, Reading and both Arithmetic and Reasoning in Maths we will explore the different question types, revise key facts to support home learning and look at consolidating knowledge and stretching it further, as well as providing additional revision sheets and guides.

This course will help increase confidence and knowledge prior to the KS2 SATs and if you are interested in booking a place for your child – or finding out more – please do not hesitate to contact us.

Easter SATs Booster Sessions 2023 from Maths Tutor Direct

Summer booster sessions

The Summer Booster programme covers key content in the course you will be taking next year and will give you a chance to address any gaps in your knowledge so far. Keen to avoid Summer Regression? Our tutoring programme is now Open for bookings for 2023. 

To book on, please follow the link to our Summer Camps:


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